Boat and Swim Tour

Boat and Swim Tour
Tuesday & Wednesday
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Fisherman's Wharf, Caracasbaai

Embark on The Best Boat and Swim Tour in the tranquil waters of the unique Spaanse Water(spaanse water). Setting sail from the charming shore at Caracasbaai, this leisurely boat excursion offers an intimate exploration of the pristine Caribbean surroundings. Enjoy pure relaxation, thanks to the calm waters, framed by lush landscapes and intriguing mangroves.

Get ready to learn along the way as our friendly tour guides share rich history of the spanish waters and surrounding islands. To add a touch of allure, the journey also presents the unique opportunity to a close up of waterfront homes, including those of the rich and famous, adding an intriguing element to your coastal exploration. The tour invites you to anchor at the Santa Barbara pier, where you can indulge in a refreshing swim a midst the natural beauty of Santa Barbara Beach.

Whether you're captivated by underwater wonders, yearning for a relaxing dip, or curious about the local history or lifestyle of iconic personalities, our Boat and Swim Tour promises a rejuvenating encounter with the beauty and allure of Curacao's coastal treasures.


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